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Take advantage of the IoT revolution

With the world of unified communications becoming more competitive, the need to differentiate is increasingly important. Adding IoT/M2M connectivity to a product portfolio is a key step. And choosing the right partner is essential to the success of any new offering.

At Wireless Logic we have developed an IoT Channel Partner Programme designed to support unified communication specialists. With us by your side, the potential to develop new channels of business, new levels of expertise, and new revenue opportunities are all significantly increased.

Profit from the IoT Revolution

Today, more customers are looking for a single service provider for their unified solutions. And with data usage and bandwidth capacity increasing, there’s never been a better time to consider packaging connectivity within your communication solutions.

We can help you can retain control of your customer relationships and generate more revenue from an ongoing monthly share for the duration of the contract.

Importantly, for customers the one-stop-shop offering can give seamless service, removing the need to look elsewhere.

iot channel partnership opportunities

From simple SIMs to more complex solutions

Working with Wireless Logic gives you access to a comprehensive range of tailored data tariffs, available across many of the world’s leading mobile networks. No other managed services provider can rival this. Whether it’s for five energy meters or 5,000 telematics applications, our team can advise you and your customers on the most suitable network and appropriate package.

Keep in control
With all monthly SIM subscriptions, our SIMPro provisioning and control platform allows you and/or your customers to manage an entire SIM estate, across multiple networks.

Within SIMPro, you can activate SIMs online, sort/group and manage billing with total visibility at all times. Users can monitor data usage in real-time and set up usage limits so that ‘bill-shock’ is avoided.

Specialist industry expertise
We work across multiple vertical sectors with experience in just about industry that requires mobility solutions.

Take a look at our case studies to find our more about our experience across different industry sectors >

New revenue streams
Whether you would like us to bill your customers directly or for you to maintain the billing relationship – there are opportunities for revenue share. This could be from initial connection bonuses, or from ongoing monthly revenue share for the term of the contract.

We can arrange trials within 24 hours and have your new IoT/M2M application up and running rapidly.

Talk to us today. Contact our IoT Channel Partner Team on 0330 056 3300, or complete our online form.

Why work with Wireless Logic?

We’re part of your team

Our strength is our experience within the IoT/M2M sectors, working with multiple verticals and applications. We can give you and your customers total confidence in connectivity solutions. Take us along to your client meetings – we’re happy to be introduced as your consultants.

Earning potential

With 3G/4G being increasingly utilised across IoT/M2M applications, the opportunity for you to earn recurring revenue from existing and new customers is both exciting and real.

Network agnostic

Your customers won’t necessarily settle for a one network solution. Signal strength, choice of tariff packages, local or global applications mean that the right solution is to have an agnostic approach. We’ll select one or multiple networks to optimise your connectivity platform.

Value-added services

Our suite of services overlays the mobile network infrastructure and are provided at negligible cost compared with the major network brands. In many cases, these overlays are simply not available elsewhere.

Flexible approach

We understand the subtle nuances of customer relationships. Business solutions require tailoring – whether in financial structure or to suit a specific integration requirement. Our approach will help you develop business packages to fit the needs of your clients.

Sound business footing

As one of the most successful IoT connectivity platform providers across Europe, Wireless Logic is a financially strong organisation recognised by its peers and the industry. Our track record includes the award of ‘Best Mobile/Data Service Provider’ at the renowned Comms National Awards. The organisation is backed by Montagu Private Equity and run by its original CEO.