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More than just an IoT SIM

IoT connectivity management, airtime subscriptions and supporting bolt-on services all form a vital cog in the wheel of customers’ applications, locally and globally. With continuing focus on finances, Wireless Logic’s drive to deliver best value at all times is a prerequisite in our business delivery. Consequently, account management teams will hold regular reviews on contracts keeping customers up to speed with tariff and financial developments likely to affect their own subscriptions.

The IoT connectivity platform provider

Transparency, regular communication and financial stability are all key components to successful relationships nurtured with Wireless Logic customers.

To ensure continuity of service, all customers are billed on a direct debit basis.

Using the Wireless Logic SIM management platform – SIMPro, connectivity costs are managed by 24.7 visibility of usage combined with alert management when data thresholds meet set criteria. In SIM cost management terms, ‘bill shock’ where unforeseen excess

data is used and billed, we are constantly informing, educating and guiding users to manage their SIM bases effectively to ensure monthly costs are on budget.

Aggregated business model
To optimise airtime value, Wireless Logic operates an aggregated business model, with IoT data aggregation on a per SIM basis on same tariffs. This means that data hungry SIMs can be offset against other lower data usage M2M SIMs, as long as they are on the same data usage tariff per month.


Revenue Share

Earn from M2M connectivity & IoT application projects
Revenue share models with M2M/IoT application developers and system integrators create opportunities for organisations to earn recurring income from connectivity. This is particularly relevant where developers and integrators seek to nurture long-term relationships with SIM connectivity as part of the overall delivery. Revenue share can take a number of routes with examples including Wireless Logic invoicing your client directly and commissions being generated back to the developer/integrator.

Two-tier pricing models can also be used via the SIM management platform – which enables integrators/developers to give permissions-based multi-level access so that end-users have limited visibility to the financials, whilst still having comprehensive control across other aspects of the platform.

Managed Finance

Creating a single cost for all connectivity solutions
Managed Finance is also an important funding solution for users. Combining airtime, managed services and hardware in one simple monthly cost avoids CAPEX on the balance sheet. With Managed Finance, we have removed several layers of complexity so that Systems Integrators and Application Developers can come to Wireless Logic for a total solution inside one agreement which will deliver up-front finance for all hardware, software, airtime and management needs; all managed by one provider. Additionally, for companies ‘selling on’ their services, they can enjoy ongoing monthly revenue rebate, enabling a regular source of income for the duration of the contract.

With a number of managed finance options available, learn more from your Business Development Team.

For more information on Revenue Share and Managed Finance, contact the Business Development Team on 0330 056 3300 or enquire online.

Why Wireless Logic?

Our knowledge: “We’ve built a knowledge and know-how bank that is the envy of the market, Europe-wide. Working across many verticals, and alongside every major European Mobile Network, we bring unprecedented experience to expedite connectivity and managed service rollouts for M2M/IoT solution providers, whether for ten or ten thousand subscriptions. Our sector specialists really set Wireless Logic apart.”
Matthew Tate, Group Commercial Director

Our customers: “We are in good company. We commenced more relationships last year than in any previous year and in doing so added both blue chip and specialist names to our partner list. Masternaut, Emizon, Sierra Wireless, Tuffnells Nightfreight, 3M, Lotto and Virgin Media are just a handful of the many new subscribers to Wireless Logic. And with over 3.5 million SIM subscriptions in contract, these and all customers are part of the biggest single aggregated subscriber-base in Europe.”
Matt McPherson, UK Sales Director