Strategic Partnerships

Exploring new IoT opportunities, together

Working together, profiting together

We’re proud to be recognised as one of the leading connectivity partners to organisations across the globe from Systems Integrators and Mobile Networks to technology businesses and consultancy firms.

As our industry continues to expand and evolve, we’re always keen to collaborate and innovate with other businesses to create new value together.

For further information, contact Jon-Paul Clarke, Business Development Director.

The Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are a core element in enabling the wireless connection of M2M/IoT devices. It’s through our close relationships with the major MNOs that enable us to provide unrivalled customer service and to deliver value throughout the IoT connectivity chain.

For all major networks, the partnerships that have evolved give us the best possible terms and service agreements, which are integral to our customer propositions.

Our relationships help navigate the networks’ corporate structures to develop new solutions, get answers to complex questions and provide solutions with unique levels of flexibility and agility.

Today, we partner many of the world’s leading mobile networks, giving us a global reach with over 750 operators.

Additionally, we work with a growing number of other technology and value-add partners that enhance the managed services we provide.

Our collaborative work with HERE and Google is delivering powerful, cost-effective mapping and geo-location services.

We’re working with leading mobile-focused hardware providers to deliver enterprise-grade mobility, software and total end-to-end communications solutions.