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Powerful APIs that give control to your systems and applications

With both REST and SOAP APIs, Wireless Logic provides the full capabilities of our subscription control interfaces through programming interfaces.

Getting started is easy. Take a look at our documentation and Developer Portal below or use the links to the APIs on the right.

Developer Portal

API Documentation

curl –user yourUsername:yourPassword

curl –user yourUsername:yourpassword –data ‘<soapenv:Envelope
xmlns:api=””> <soapenv:Body> <api:getSIMs> <getSIMsRequest/> </api:getSIMs> </soapenv:Body>’

We hold great store in the secure communications provided by Wireless Logic along with their ‘rolled-up’ service delivery. We can focus on our day to day activities knowing that our systems are communicating reliably and to budget.

James Gratton,
Senior Engineering Manager, Limejump

This and many other successful case studies are available here >>

Getting Started

Checkout our intro guide to using SIMPro, searchable documentation, hardware support and the Wireless Logic user community.

User Guide

SIMPro Documentation

User Community

Questions on our SIM Management Platform - SIMPro

SIMPro is the engine behind a user’s complete visibility, control, billing and management of SIM estates, regardless of mobile network. Designed to view the activity of large SIM estates, SIMPro is integrated with all customers’ managed services packages when combined with SIM subscriptions.

Today, SIMPro can manage and control multiple leading Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) – all through one window. For M2M/IoT estate owners of all sizes, there is no other platform that is so flexible or tailored to the market.

As part of the SIMPro platform BillPro empowers users to manage their billing administration in line with their own systems and procedures. Users can view their latest invoices instantly, download usage reports at the click of a button, view GPRS, SMS and CSD usage in monetary value, search and sort high data SIMs by username or mobile number as well as drill down data usage by time, date, duration and bytes.

BillPro gives customers complete usage and corresponding financial visibility across their entire subscribed SIM estate. Infrastructure, mapping, connectivity, other value-added services are all delivered on one invoice and all instantly available through one window.

In the latest version of our SIMPro platform, we have introduced the concept of a ‘Customer Solution’; which is an activation profile. This solution contains all of the details needed to activate the SIM to the customer unique configuration.

So now when customers come to activate a SIM, you will simply be asked to pick the Customer Solution to use for that connection, providing a quick and efficient way to connect multiple SIM cards.

Billing cycles are pro-rated line rental and usage charges which include activations and cancellations, all back-dated to an agreed billing date. The billing cycle will always include the current month’s line rental, along with the previous month’s usage.

Invoices will feature the SIM mobile number, Custom Field 1 of the SIMPro custom field tag, plus a summay of all charges per SIM, per service.

Log onto the SIMPro management platform. Select BillPro from the main menu, where further reports can be accessed. Alternatively, contact the Wireless Logic Sales Admin team.

Email Us

Payment terms are strictly 30 days from date of invoice. We encourage all customers to set up a Direct Debit mandate.

Up to five Custom Field Labels are available to support the identification of a SIM. For each field 50 characters can be used. Each field can be labelled. Note that Customer Field 1 is always featured within an invoice. The Custom Fields can be use to tag connections with identifiable data – e.g Device ID

All SIMPro users are encouraged to use their own username and password. All interactions on SIMPro have an audit trail. Two-factor authorisation is used.

Billing Account password. Everytime a user calls to speak to us, validation of your identity will be required: – characters from your Billing Account Password will need to be communicated. The password is held at Billing Account level – this means one password per account.

A range of training programmes available – on-site training, online training, and instruction manuals. Talk to your account manager to identify what is best for you/your team.

For SIMs supplied in Active Test mode, the SIM receives a free amount of data for early stage testing. Billing of the SIM only commences when one of a number of thresholds are met… Time threshold, Data threshold, SMS threshold or Voice threshold.

For SIMs supplied with Active Ready status, the SIM contracted cost is charged the first time the SIM is used.

Subject to the contractual requirements of given networks, a Tariff Holiday enables SIMs to be put to sleep during a quieter period, with the contract extended to complete its term upon recommencement of the SIM becoming live again.

Billing Account Groups exist where Data is shared amongst a number of related companies.

Managing users is the ability to perform a number of administrative tasks including – create new user, reset passwords and disable users. Managing users is the simple way to make your SIMPro platform more accessible to nominated people.

Our standard Service Level Agreement is available via your contact at Wireless Logic. SLA performance is measured consistently with published results accessible for all customers. Measuring criteria include Net Promoter Score (NPA) which records customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The SMS functionality with SIMPro enables a dedicated Inbox for both inbound and outbound activity.