IoT’s most powerful SIM Management Platform

Manage, monitor and control your connected devices through one window.

Take complete control of your SIMs

Our SIM management platform – SIMPro is the engine behind your complete visibility, control, billing and management of your entire SIM portfolio across multiple mobile networks. Constantly evolving with enhanced features, it provides the ultimate user experience in our industry.

For M2M/IoT estate owners of all sizes, there is no other platform that is so flexible and functional.

Control made SIMple

  • Directly activate and suspend SIMs.
  • Monitor the activity of an entire SIM estate across multiple networks, locally and globally.
  • Real-time reporting, accessed at all times, from anywhere.
  • Optimise the performance of your SIMs – monitor data usage to ensure the right tariff is selected avoiding ‘bill shock’.
  • Track the activation process using SIMPro’s traffic light notification system.
  • Act immediately if a SIM is lost or stolen.
  • Communicate two-way with SIMPro SMS.
  • Track location of your entire SIM estate.
  • Specify key requirements such as International roaming or voice.

A platform for all

The SIMPro platform is integrated within all our managed services packages when combined with SIM subscriptions. Simply accessed over the cloud, there are no software downloads required, yet security is 100% with multi-level access.

SIMPro is available to all customers who have SIM subscriptions with Wireless Logic and forms part of Wireless Logic’s value-based managed services.

The benefits of SIMPro are also available to users who have contracted SIMs elsewhere and are not able to connect via Wireless Logic. In this case, a license can be arranged on a per SIM basis.

Try our demo

SIMPro can be demonstrated and trialled from your desktop. For further information, contact our business development team on 0330 056 3300 or complete our online form.

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Built into the SIMPro platform is a secure API, giving you full access to the rich functionality provided by the platform through the use of SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) web services. This functionality includes SIM Lifecycle Management, Tariffs & Invoicing, Reporting and SMS.

The API enables Systems Integrators and end users to integrate the full SIMPro feature set with their own applications. This automates the entire device management process including the provision of customised reports and statistical views to end users.

The SIMPro API is available to all Wireless Logic customers at no additional charge


Available InBound methods

  • getBillingAccounts
  • getTariffs
  • getTariffDetails
  • getSIMs
  • getSIMDetails
  • getSIMUsage
  • setSIMs
  • getAvailable CustomerSolutions
  • getInvoices
  • getInvoiceDetail
  • activateSIM
  • refreshSIM
  • manageSIMBars
  • manageSIMCapabilities
  • swapSIMbyICCD
  • swapSIMbyMSISDN
  • cancelSIM
  • getCellLocation
  • getRequestsStatus
  • SendSMS
  • SendBinarySMS
  • SendWakeup

Outbound Methods

  • SMSDeliveryReceipts
  • SMSMOMessage
  • RequestStatusUpdate

Send SMS

‘Send SMS’ is one of SIMPro’s key features, providing industrial strength, secure and reliable sending and receiving functionality.

  • No CAPEX requirement to utilise and/or integrate SIMPro into your M2M operation space.
  • Highly competitive tiered charges for sending SMS – ask for a tailored quotation.
  • Simple monthly direct debit billing.
  • Customise and tailor your billing online to match your own activity processes.


‘Send SMS’ key features

  • Enterprise-grade network: the SMS tool within SIMPro is built for the most demanding performance requirements, backed by sector-leading technology.
  • User-friendly graphic interface with intuitive design for easy operation.
  • XML and SMPP.
  • Manage content libraries, locations, groups and more.
  • Send singular or aggregated SMS messages to any number of SIM pools, and to any network.
  • Track messages and receive automatic updates based on specified preferences and permissions.
  • Create customised and multiple inboxes for two way communication.
  • Use your Groups already managed within SIMPro and create tailored Groups for specific SMS related tasks.
  • Develop your own templates.
  • Set up AT commands.
  • Send to assets that sit outside the SIMPro platform.
  • Use seamlessly alongside the reporting tools of SIMPro.

The ‘Send SMS’ functionality of SIMPro can be demonstrated at your desktop. For further information, contact Wireless Logic’s business development team on 0330 056 3300 or compete our online form.

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Monitor your router activity with SIMPro

Customers using Encore Network’s routers and enCloud Management Platform can take advantage of the full monitoring capabilities of SIMPro.

This joint platform creates more effective management options where key data and activities can be viewed through a single window.

Find out more about Router management and control