Understanding IoT

Understanding IoT and M2M

Things, machines and people

Changing the world byte by byte

The world is alive with ‘things’. By 2020 there’s expected to be over 20 billion connected devices. So, what is ‘The Internet of Things’ and ‘M2M connectivity’, and what’s our role within this dynamic marketplace?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of tangible objects (things) that are connected through the internet to exchange data, without any human interaction. These ‘things’ have embedded software, sensors, actuators and network connectivity that enables the collection and exchange of data.

‘Things’ can refer to physical devices, buildings, vehicles and in fact anything that can be embedded with the connectivity technology.

The ‘connected home’, the ‘connected car’, the ‘Internet of Everything’, and the ‘Industrial Internet of Things’. These phrases are starting to become everyday terms as connected technology continues to impact the way we work and live.

From farming to vehicle telematics, street lighting to mobile health, M2M and IoT applications are reaching more and more industrial and commercial sectors. We are transforming business and operational models to become more efficient, safe and secure.

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IoT or M2M?

So how does IoT differ from the more traditional Machine to Machine (M2M) term? The key is IP (Internet Protocol). M2M has mainly focused on direct point-to-point connectivity across mobile networks or fixed lines.

IoT communications involve IP networks and will usually employ cloud or middleware platforms. M2M is really about the communication only, not the broader processes and applications associated with IoT.

Big data

The term ‘big data’ is now very much a used term referring to the sheer scale of data intelligence being generated from connected assets, from which programming and analysis can lead to improved business performance.

Our role in IoT and M2M

Since we started in 2000, our industry has evolved dramatically. Many of the applications we support have become more intelligent, IP-based and connected to integrated applications where data works smarter and harder.

It’s often said that we provide the plumbing for IoT – the fundamental connection between device and hub. But it’s more than just pipes.

Whether across cellular, fixed line, satellite or low power radio networks, the connectivity that we provide is tailored to meet the needs of each application.

Our connectivity role is crucial to making applications work. Working alongside application developers, Systems Integrators, OEMs and enterprises, we are the enablers of two-way, resilient and secure communications.

Secure by design

Today, security is a global issue facing connected devices – from hacking cars to breaking into organisational networks and accessing sensitive personal data.

Key to our solution is the connectivity security. We create a secure VPN with links back to all of the mobile network operators that we work with. This means that our users can integrate enterprise-class networking that delivers 99.79% uptime and secure point-to-point communication between connected assets.

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