Comes Connected

Transforming the connected customer experience.

Putting users in control.

Re-thinking the way your users connect

Today, consumers, business users and application developers all want a more seamless experience when it comes to devices requiring connectivity. That is why we’ve developed a new platform where devices ‘come connected’. And that’s exactly what this solution from Wireless Logic delivers.

With Comes Connected, a wide range of products can now be automatically connected to internet services and simply configured to communicate with other applications.

With access to over 750 networks globally, all from a single SIM, we can bring your products to life anywhere in the world, instantly.

Boundless connectivity at your customers’ fingertips.

OEMs and distributors are faced with increasing connectivity challenges as more products rely on connection services in order to function. Supporting end customers with connectivity can be a complicated and time-consuming task. And using third parties can be a risk to your brand reputation. Comes Connected puts the control into the hands of your customers.

  • Creates a fast, seamless customer experience.
  • Enables you to build your brand with a custom online portal.
  • Reduce the cost, risk and complexity of managing connectivity.
  • Build long-term customer relationships with accurate data.
  • Choose from a range of competitive subscription packages including voice, SMS and USSD services.
  • Tailored tariff options as well as low data costs.

A self serve solution

One click activation

Consumer activates product with a single click online.

Manage usage
The product provider can cap usage to prevent fraud and misuse.

Always on

Our Intelligent Network delivers a ‘hands-off’ solution for the business.

One SIM for life

A Comes Connected SIM stays with the product for its lifetime.

One bill

Combine service fees and airtime into one monthly charge.

The Comes Connected journey

1. SIM is added into box/embedded into product/enters channel.
2. Customer opens box, assembles product and scans QR code.
3. Customer completes online process and product is connected.

Streamlining the customer experience
A Comes Connected notification card with simple instructions and activation process helps to create a seamless customer experience.

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