Montagu Private Equity

Financial strength, inspiring leadership

Montagu Private Equity, a leading pan-European private equity firm acquired Wireless Logic Group in June 2018.

About Montagu Private Equity

Montagu Private Equity is one of Europe’s leading private equity firms and has been investing in businesses for nearly fifty years. Montagu’s investment strategy is focused on backing incumbent CEOs at high-quality companies operating in stable and growing sectors, particularly those that provide products and services that their customers would badly miss. It develops a shared strategic vision with management and then provides the necessary financial,

strategic and operational resources to help realise that vision and support growth. The firm currently has assets under management of just over €5.5 billion. Montagu partners with Northern European companies with enterprise values between €100 million and €1 billion, and has made almost 300 investments over the last 30 years.

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