Private Network

The smart solution for SIM security

The ultimate Virtual Private Network

Your carrier-grade Private Network

Wireless Logic’s Virtual Private Network provides proven security for M2M and IoT SIM enabled devices.

It represents a highly cost-effective and reliable solution for customers wishing to avoid the major investment in their own IT architecture, leased lines and support infrastructure.

Secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Our Private Network Infrastructure works by applying a fixed IP address to your SIMs, enabling secure, smart, two-way connectivity.

This approach delivers great advantages from a cost and infrastructure perspective, with OPEX pricing and rapid setup in days to be part of the resilient private network.

Installing our infrastructure is simple and rapid compared to setting up a new private network and support system.

The infrastructure service can also be made available to users already contracted with mobile networks and that are not subscribed via Wireless Logic. In this way our VPN can be overlaid onto your current connectivity with data routing managed through our infrastructure.

We have a wide variety of costing models to suit specific applications. These can include data pools which are charged irrespective of quantity of SIMs within an estate independent of SIMs.

Why IP VPN Remote Services?

Global reach
Seamless, wireless access with over 750 mobile network operators.

Network compatibility
Works across 4G, 3G, GPRS and GSM.

Quality of service
24/7 centralised monitoring and management, focused customer service and industry-leading Service Level Agreements.

VPN Solutions for every requirement
Site-to-site for Cloud / Data Centre / Office, individual servers, or remote laptops / workstations

Multiple VPN Technologies
Policy and route-based IPSEC, Encrypted GRE, OpenVPN, SSL VPN and Direct Interconnect

Authentication services
Customer-provided or Wireless Logic-hosted RADIUS, token integration, and X.509 certificates all available for increased security for VPN.

The latest security algorithms
AES-256, SHA 256, SHA 512 for encryption and integrity

Access manager
With our Access Manager easy-to-use software you can manage, connect, and change access services quickly and easily as well as applying policy to end-users for increased user management and security.

Remote services with collocation
Combines the features of co-location services with the VPN so you can retain control of your hosting equipment while benefiting from the network redundancy, reliability and security that comes with our global IP network.

Robust connectivity
99.8% uptime over the last 7 years.

Public fixed IP
With Wireless Logic’s fixed Public IP address devices can be made available directly on the Internet a VPN tunnel is not required. Appropriate security precautions should always be considered.

Benefit from our Private Network

  • Secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service on an OPEX-basis
  • Carrier-grade, fully redundant infrastructure across major Network Operators.
  • Minimal upfront costs and a fixed subscription fee per user per month thereafter.
  • Avoids the need to purchase leased line and related infrastructure at a cost of £5,000 to £50,000 per annum per Network Operator.
  • Mitigates the need for in-house support, installation or on-going management.


  • Adheres to all customers’ existing security policies and firewall, security protocols and encryption.
  • Scalable to an unlimited number of connected devices.
  • Cost-effective connectivity for trials to ensure the network and products deliver the right level of performance – implemented typically within 48hrs.
  • Flexibility – customers do not have to subscribe to connectivity through Wireless Logic.
  • Mobile network agnostic – all of our network partners can route via our infrastructure.

Find out more about joining our Private Network:
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