SIMPro M2M SIM Provisioning Platform receives further customer-centric upgrades

  • Customer-centric enhancements put SIM-based M2M/IoT device owners in complete control
  • One platform window gives access and management to multiple mobile network and satellite connected devices
  • Features focus on the vital role of cost control across huge SIM-controlled IoT estates

Following the major launch of Wireless Logic’s SIM provisioning platform SIMPro in March, the first upgrade has now rolled out during November which sees a number of new features that are tailored to their growing UK and European client base. This results from a significant investment throughout 2014 and further expenditure expected in the months ahead.

As the core to the organisation’s 1.5m subscriptions, SIMPro allows customers to manage and control their connected devices across multiple networks, all through one easy-to-use window. The Spring launch witnessed an entire rebuild from the ground-up to create a fully standalone platform useable by customers with contracted subscriptions with Wireless Logic, and through a licence arrangement where airtime contracts are held elsewhere.

This month sees the introduction to a range of tools that will further streamline the SIM activation process with more intuitive functionality for commissioning airtime tariffs. Additionally, users can now manage how their monthly billing processes are delivered following the full integration of the Wireless Logic billing platform ‘BillPro’.

These further enhancements come at a time when the market is seeing exponential growth in connected devices. That growth is accompanied by the need to manage costs across multiple SIM-based assets and to ensure the avoidance of ‘billshock’ – the term associated with SIMs that present with unexpected high monthly costs. With customers managing SIM estates into the hundreds of thousands, it is vital that complete visibility is available to each and every SIM, regardless of network or location. For Wireless Logic, this essential functionality comes into its own when combined with its secure private network overlay ‘NetPro’, which gives customers the capability to monitor real-time data use and react if and when devices demonstrate unusual patterns of activity. With fixed-IP SIMs and networks terminating through one VPN, management, alert and response procedures become more effective and seamless.

SIMPro can integrate easily into customers’ own systems with a new range of APIs. A recent integration has seen a major European transportation concern where SIMs from four major networks will now be managed across the SIMPro platform acting as a single control point.

Hannah Hailstone, Wireless Logic’s Customer Service Manager recognises the strategic importance of SIM management and control for customers across the spectrum: “With over 95% of our SIM base now under the SIMPro platform, the benefits of empowering our customers to shape the way their devices connect are huge. Control is now in their hands, and with multiple permissions-based access points, it means that organisations can now perform actions, interrogate for granular information and define rules for complex billing arrangements. These latest enhancements add to the user-experience and initial feedback has been positive.”

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