Intelligent Network

The game-changing single SIM solution

The mobile network designed for IoT.

Flexibility, control and accountability

Welcome to Wireless Logic’s Intelligent Network – the world’s first dedicated cellular network for IoT applications. Now, you can access over 600 global networks through a single Wireless Logic SIM.

This Multi-IMSI innovation delivers a more accountable, flexible and resilient connectivity solution for voice, data and SMS.

While Mobile Network Operators fight over the flexibility of their individual networks, Wireless Logic simply enables customers to harness the connectivity of them all, with one SIM.

Simon Trend,
CIO, Wireless Logic Group

Join our network of networks

Our Intelligent Network has been developed for customers demanding a simple, robust solution to global, multi-network connectivity. If you are looking for an enterprise-grade solution to the growing demands of IoT communication, our Intelligent Network is the answer.

  • A single point of service, for multiple bearers, by accessing and controlling the network core.
  • For mission critical applications it can mitigate loss of service by automatically selecting the optimal network.
  • You can avoid being ‘locked-in’ to an individual mobile network.
  • Ultimate visibility and control through our SIM management platform -SIMPro.
  • Overlays new levels of encryption and security with Private Infrastructure, Private APN with Fixed IP, Whitelisting and IMEI Locking, plus real-time usage monitoring.
  • Ideal for OEM customers looking for global coverage, with the ability to swap IMSI profiles ‘Over-the-Air’ for tariff and usage changes.

The smarter solution

Giving users a smarter connectivity experience:

  • Standards-ready and future proofed – eUICC, NB-IoT, 5G, eGSM.
  • Pre-integrated Apps – security, coverage, performance, mapping, routing and cross-bearer technologies.
  • Tailored Solutions – create your own IoT connectivity platform with multiple-tiered rating, own branding, Partner Portal, End-user serve.
  • Test SIMs – flexible trials with Active and Active Test modes.

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